8 Secrets to Generate Engagement on Your Facebook Page

My recent article was regarding the reasons behind less engagement in your Facebook official page. Did you fix them already? Perfect. Let’s talk about some To Dos.

Today I am going to share the amazing secrets that will speed up your page interaction.

1. Make the proper use of ‘video’

Most probably, you are familiar with the ‘Video is king’ trend. Due to it’s power of generating more visibility and engagement, video is gaining more space on Facebook day by day. There are several options you can play around, for instance, long or short videos, interviewing crucial people in your market sectors, providing practical tips on your niche and many more.

Now you need to decide which type of video contents make sense. From my point of view - people like fast content, so probably I would always keep an extra attention on that which may differ in your case. Another critical issue to be noticed, try to upload the videos on Facebook not the links of other network. The reason behind that is Facebook considers such post only as link not a video. It may lower your audience reach rate since you are intentionally or unintentionally inducing people to leave the Facebook site.

2. Place the social proof

Encourage your happy clients or customers to share their experience with the product. This could be photos, videos or simple text in the form of social proof that reviews your product. The practice is very cool as it encourages other fans/followers and ultimately turns them to potential customers. Such approach is also going to benefit you to get the feedback for your products which shows the room of improvement and generate authority and credibility to your brand in the market.

Do not forget to ask for permission from your customers every time while posting their contents on your page!

Example of Freeletics fitness app who shares their users' transformation stories as post or videos.

3. Be consistent in posting content

As a follower of a fan page, people expect a regular flow of contents on certain topics and your mission would be to meet that demand to not let your fans forget you. Therefore, try to maintain a consistency of posting frequency. It would build a habit in your fans without even letting them know. Moreover, it helps to increase the engagement in your page. For a high quality content, there will be more likes, comments and share which will stimulate the organic engagement and fan base as well.

So, plan for your posts - when and what you are going to share in your page. If you do not have any agenda earlier, you will run out of time to just search for what to post. Rather, save and schedule your contents earlier to walk in an organised way.

4. Invite your followers in games and debates

Did you ever feel your fans are quite interactive in certain topics? Or they do not often interact probably due to lack of motivation? Yes, you need to motivate your fans to interact in your page. How to do that?

Initiate guessing game on a topic related to your market, ask questions, arrange polls - they are very crucial tactics to generate curiosity and engagement as well. Another amazing practice is to ask the followers about their preference for variety of topics. For instance, you are running a publisher company page. Post the pictures of two newly published books there and ask your followers which one got their favourite list. I would suggest, just be creative and test which approach suits for your audience.

5. Share the backstage story of your business

When I am following a brand page, it is always interesting for me to see the contents related to their daily life at work or their fun time along with the official posts. By sharing such stories, you are humanising your brand to the fans and they are also feeling themselves as part of it. The ultimate target is to make the brand more live.

Tell your fans when there is any special events you are celebrating, if there is any change in office set up, important visits to other countries or even when a new merchandise arrives.

New Look created an event on Facebook for new collection offer in one of their store and let their followers to join them.

6. Reply your fans as soon as possible

A captivating and quick response shows your followers that you care for them. Therefore, it is very crucial for brands to provide a quality service as this is the way to retain customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors. When they ask you something, they do expect a reply. Keeping them awaiting will call bad impression for your brand.

Even, in the case of complaints or criticisms, never hesitate to contact them directly and solve the issue. It will surely demonstrate your professionalism and win the heart of your fans.

7. Offer sales and discounts

The sale and discounts are magic words! We all love to rush behind it. This is one of the easiest ways to raise the attention of your followers and gain higher engagement in your facebook page. Not necessarily all the followers of your Facebook fan page are your customers. But a small discount can be an incentive to them. Arrange competitions where people send their images or writings. Reward the best one with the exclusive products of your company. Moreover, it is also a great idea to retain the current customers by offering them special sale.

Summer offer from Lands' End

8. Use free social media analytics tool

The use of social media analytics tool is not new anymore. Whether your tactics for gaining more engagement are working or not, you can check them out easily. For instance, at what time your contents are receiving higher interaction, which days of the week are performing well and many more.

If you are in a tight budget, here the list for some tools that have the free version:


Social Mention



Simply Measured

Did you find the tricks useful or do you have any suggestions? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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