Audience Network: Expand the Power of Your Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more essential! The Audience Network is an amazing expansion of Facebook ad placement since more than 3 years now. This feature has brought possibilities of monetization for brands and business inside and outside of Facebook.

The Audience Network allows advertisers to expand their campaigns beyond the Facebook News Feed. That means you are able to run ads on other sites and apps which give the access to the global Facebook advertisers regardless separate ad format.

FB audience network

With Audience Network, you can impact more people, reach more places and especially have more results! That's because Audience Network can expand its campaigns to other sites and high-quality applications.

According to internal Facebook data from December 2016, advertisers who combine Facebook with the Audience Network notice, on average,

  • 40% of the 500 best applications are integrated with Audience Network *

  • 16% more reach on average globally than on Facebook and Instagram alone**

  • 12% increase in website conversions with Facebook and Audience Network combined***

Audience Network supports video and display ads. You do not need to upload a new creative: the same assets in your Facebook campaigns will be rendered automatically on the placement type where they're being served.

Using the Facebook Audience Network

The Audience Network is a placement option available across all ad interfaces under Facebook Business Manager : Ads manager, Power Editor.

Audience Network placement is available with following campaign objectives:

  • Brand awareness (video only)

  • Reach (video only)

  • Traffic

  • Post engagement (video only)

  • App Installs

  • Video views

  • Conversions

  • Product catalog sales

However, Facebook recommends advertisers to use Automatic Placements to run their campaigns on all available placements and get the best results. To use the Audience Network:

  • Create your campaign by choosing one of the objectives outlined above

  • Under Placements section, leave the Automatic Placements option selected

  • If you want to customize the placements, click Edit Placements

  • In Audience Network, you can choose three placement options (independently or all together): Native, banner and Interstitial, In-stream videos or Rewarded videos

  • Proceed with creating and completing your campaign normally

Now with the Audience Network, you can start reaching new audiences!

* Source: Annie application data and Facebook internal data based on top 500 free and paid apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play in December 2016

** Source: Facebook internal data, Global reach, December 2016

*** Source: Facebook internal data, Global reach, October 2016

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