Facebook Messenger: 3 Powerful Tips for Your Business

3 powerful tips for your business with FB messenger

Probably you already use or have once used Facebook Messenger in your personal account or to chat with the customers of your company. Have you ever thought of strategies to improve your business with Facebook Messenger?

Messenger is an application by Facebook to exchange messages with your friends, individually or in a group - free of charge. You can send and receive photos, videos and files (such as PDF or Word document). And if you do not like writing messages, then make free calls. It does not require any phone number; you can call any of your Facebook friends through this.

In the era of the smartphone, the number of messages exchanged by the people is growing higher. Check out few stats mentioned by Facebook.

  • On Messenger, more than one billion messages are exchanged between people and companies every month

  • 59% of people (on average) across 14 markets message more today than they did two years ago

  • 56% expect their messaging to increase even more over the next two years

The numbers should be inspiring for your business to use the messaging application while setting the strategy and approach for your audience. Messenger could be one of the fastest and easiest ways to contact companies or to inquire about the products and services or to inform any suggestions and complaints.

Let’s talk about three unique strategies that are going to enlarge your business in a new dimension.

1. Create positive customer experiences

Messenger is the platform where you have the opportunity to humanize your brand and make it talk to the consumers. Care about your clients and avoid faking while answering anything to them. When you take an interest in customers, they understand you are caring about them that brings a good impression for your business. If anything is unknown, ask them for details and tell that you will come back soon with the exact solution.

To create positive experiences, you should always

  • Appreciate the customers for their inquiry

  • Answer the messages as soon as possible

  • Use the communication language of your company

  • Be patient when you see the messages from dissatisfied customers. Take them as the chance to improve your strategy. Explain them the vision and value of your brand.

2. Get found easily

A few years back, Facebook took a crucial step for pages to be found quickly. Each page will have a unique username, which can be edited and defined by you. The ID (with ‘@’ sign) appears on your page on the left side just below the page name.

unique username of the page

Such custom names help people to find companies easily both on the Facebook and Messenger. In this case, try to use the same name for all sort of social media platforms. Another cool way is to use the Messenger codes. These are the unique codes that customers can scan with the phone-camera and open a conversation with your company in Messenger. You can create a Messenger code to your page and publish it on your website, Facebook pages, ads, flyers, banners and other marketing materials that you typically use.

messenger code

3. Usage of Bots on Messenger

According to Facebook, currently, there are about 20,000 chatbots for Messenger. The bots are robots that help those companies having a significant number of customers trying to contact them. The idea is to provide give quick and automatic responses. But if the bots are well designed, can be entirely intrinsic and pleasing to the customer.

Recently, Chatclub, an automatic reply tool is doing quite hit in the market of the big brands and even the artists. This tool is created based on the bots. It will help you to improve your communication with the customers, share all necessary info to the public and ultimately increase the profitability of your Facebook page.

Therefore, invest some quality time and apply those strategies in your Messenger tool, parallel to the Facebook page. Who knows, probably this would be game changer decision for your business.

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