The Best Apps for Effective Instagram Photo Edit that You Need to Know

Instagram is probably still trending as the most popular photo sharing app in the market with it’s newest editing functions. Have you ever felt devised looking at the pictures and asking yourself are they only edited by Instagram? There are a variety of photo editing tools out there with amazing filters to make the photos look like a pro before posting on Instagram.

Remember, a high-quality image is always catchy and drives greater engagement. Not necessarily, you have to post very frequently. Rather, less quantity and high quality worth it more. There is no rules or secret formula that you must follow during editing the photos. It varies from person and also your target group and goals to decide which editing apps or filters suit best for you. Here I will discuss five photo editing apps that I have used or still using and found very effective for striking outcome.

1. VSCO Cam

To be honest, this is one of my most favourite app to photo editing. In principle, VSCO Cam is an alternative camera for the smartphone photographers. There are many filters which are free to download; a few require extra bucks - all of them are unique. For Instagram posts, I mostly go for A6, HB1, HB2 and S2 but sometimes I also use B2, B5 and B6 for Black/White impression. The best idea is to select the filters based on the colors and the mood that the image convey. For instance, HB2 and A6 filters let the skin look brownish, S2 weakens the saturation of the image and gives a minimal yet beautiful effect and HB1 emits slightly blue effect on the picture that makes a perfect shot on cold winter days. Along with that, almost all the basic functions like lighting, sharpening, cropping and so on are available.

Fig: VSCO cam filter.

2. Snapseed

The photo editing app, Snapseed is provided by Google. Here you get the all the features of a professional photo editing software on your smartphone. With a tap, you can retouch your photos, adjust perspectives and reprocess. Snapseed has its own set of filters like Noir, Glamour glow etc. The app contains nine editing tools that enables you to tune image, sharpen and many more. I have found two of them very exciting: the ‘brush’ tool lets you adjust the exposure, color temperature and saturation selectively; another one is ‘healing’ tool where you can remove the blemishes or any object completely.

Snapseed filter

Fig: Snapseed features

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Believe me, when I first time came to know about this app, I was utterly astonished. Isn’t it amazing that you can use all those sophisticated functions from Adobe Photoshop just in your smartphone! The app is completely free with in-app purchases. If you want to access to the premium features, just sign in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account. You will find all the advanced photo editing (eg., exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint and vibrance) as well as corrective editing features like red eye correction and blemish removal. Last but not least, it also has a handful of extra adjustment features that are not available in other apps, including the ability to sharpen your picture, defog, increase clarity and reduce noise.

adobe photoshop express filter

Fig: Adobe Photoshop Express Filter.

4. Hyperlapse

Since Instagram supports the video feature, here is the app that shoots polished time lapse videos without bulky tripods and expensive equipment. Instagram has brought this app make your video editing experience comfortable and produce some cool videos. To share the video afterwards on Instagram and Facebook is also pretty simple.

Fig: Hyperlapse filter

5. Over

If you've ever noticed the inspirational Instagram pictures covered with interesting words or phrases like "wanderlust" or "good vibes," on Instagram, then probably it is done by using Over. The app is free for iOS users, it also has in-app purchases but costs $3.99 or £3.17 for Android users. The main feature of Over is you can add artistic text to your photos. That means this is more about dressing up your photos than actually editing them. The basic version of the app offers limited editing functions and a handful of free graphic text designs. Over also features three free designs on a daily basis.

Over app

There are many more photo editing apps out in the market. Here I have mentioned some of them which I felt very efficient and handy to turn your photos elegant.

Have you used any of them or any other app you found more functional? Share with me. :)

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