3 Unknown Facts Behind The Less Engagement in Your Facebook Page

As a digital nomad, whenever I get to know a new company or brand, at first I try to find their existence on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Take my word, this is the case for maximum people out of 2.3 billion active social media users.

According to Statista, Facebook is currently the most popular social network with more than 1.70 billion active users. That means a lot for marketers - establish a bold presence on Facebook and at the same time, compete with the peers. What do we look for that brand on their Facebook page? Primarily, their up-to-date activities and interaction with their audience. Your potential customers would generally judge your brand based on your engagement rate.

You may have spent several hours creating a content and when posted the response is totally frustrating - no interaction. There could be several reasons behind such lower or no engagement. Set yourself to check out the possible reasons here.

1. Non-relevant content:

Any content on your page that did not earn any engagement, means it is of no interest to your audience or followers. The best idea would be to try with different types of post e.g. image, video and understand what attracts your followers more, what they like to receive in their news feed from your brand. Of course, it is an trial-and-error process through which you have to sort out your audience’s expectation. Try to use free social media analytics tool to get the insights of your engagement rate like when and which type of post received how much interaction. It will help you deciding your strategy while posting the content.

2. Lower number of fans:

In your new Facebook official page, you have gained few fans/ followers just randomly. And you are not intended to spend any extra time to raise that up. How do you expect higher interaction under such circumstance? Obviously, the engagement from few followers will be lower. The idea would be to increase the fan base through applying different tactics like announcements or invitations to friends that will let people interact with your page.

3. Inappropriate News Feed settings:

Facebook follows a machine learning algorithm to updating the stories on your news feed. Although the algorithm is quite complex but to be very simple - it allows you to see the updates from your potential fans/ followers with whom you interact most with your business page. The approach is going to benefit you in two ways: letting the followers know that your brand always cares for them and secondly, increasing the likelihood to show your story in their friend’s feed when it gains more likes and comments. So, basically you are driving into a new networking tree.

Therefore, check out your settings carefully if you are missing any stories in the news feed. Adjust the news feed preferences through prioritization following your business strategy. One important point to be noted, Facebook keeps updating their news feed algorithm. So, it worth it to check out their blog posts about new changes.

Who knows, probably, here lies of that critical points you have missed until now. ;) Well, now you are set to try out some exclusive tactics to increase the engagement on your business page.

Do not forget to read through my next post regarding this! :)

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