12 Exclusive Free Image Websites for Digital Marketers

12 Exclusive Free Image Websites for Digital Marketers

If you are promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, what do you need to care about after having the content written or before that? Right - the images or photos for banners and intermediate contents as well. It is always necessary to present the contents in an innovative way to your audience. The phrase "Content is King", never itself made much sense without containing the appropriate image for the brand. In the digital world, the amount of information we have is increasingly getting difficult to stand out and attract the audiences, at the same time. Therefore, interesting text along with the high quality images and videos are essential for anyone who wants to invest, grow and get featured in digital marketing.

Now the question is, is it that easy to prepare the images for your page/posts? Very often, it requires extra bucks to buy the copyright of images. You may have noticed the terms like ‘Royalty free’ or ‘Creative Common’ during the photo collection from different sites. The ‘Royalty Free’ means you can use the image without any licensing fees and also no need to give the attribution. In case of Creative Common (CC), there are actually two parts. The CC0 simply indicates ‘no rights reserved’ when CC2 requires the attribution from the users.

It may cause several troubles when you are simply search for images on Google and publish them on social networks for your company. While searching on Google, mostly you are unable to know if the image is free of copyright, which is quite painful. Another important point is, the images are not generally with an up-to-date web standard or appropriate color scheme and it would harm the impression of your brand to the market.

So, how to get rid of this headache. Let’s dig out to the solution with these 12 free image banks.


For those looking for a lot of high quality photos licensed under CC0, Pexels is a great tip.

The site has a community of professional photographers around the world and it requires no registration while downloading the images. The monthly subscription is available through which you will receive 40 exclusive free photos.

Pexel website look


The site provides with one free high resolution photo every day and access to the huge repository of hand picked images. Just hover over each of the photo on the site, it will point out if it is in public domain (CC0) or requires attribution.

All images are separated by categories, domain colors, license type and popular tag. You can also search by "keyword" of the object that you are in need. The photos on this site can be used for commercial, recreational or artistic purpose. If your goal is something different, perhaps you' should better look for another photo stock/database.

Magdeleine website look


The site is very practical and has more than a million of free images and photographs. In addition to photos, it has free vectors for those who want to venture into graphic programs like Adobe Illustrator or Indesign, for example.

By clicking on an image, you can have access to the type of license and the origin of the image. Check them out and just download the image you want!

freepik website look

4. MorgueFile

With a clean and practical design, the MorgueFile is a database of images with great quality.

In this site, you can choose your favorite images from several different styles and download them without registration and of course free. It also features a search field to facilitate your search for the perfect image. In case, you want to edit the images with filters and enhancements, you will have to buy their subscription.

morguefile website look


In Pixabay, you will find images, vectors, illustrations and free videos that you can use anywhere and in anyway you want without the concern of copyright. Cool, right!

Out of more than 730,000 high-quality pictures, you can choose your best one sorted by several categories like class, size, color and even page orientation (vertical or horizontal).


Flickr is the most traditional today's photographers community. But did you know that several photographers share their work for free? So, Flickr can indeed become a source of powerful image for you.

Try the ‘Advanced Search’ option that will let you find the works with your required size, content and orientation. Always remember to seek only the content licensed by ‘All Creative Commons’. Just to be in safe side. :)

Flickr website look


The NWS mainly collects all the CC licensed photos from Flickr archive, the speciality is - you will find only amazing vintage photos that are available for commercial use.

The owner has made the use of public images easier through optimizing, cropping and editing. A wide range of pixels are available for downloading.

new old stock website look


The Foodies Feed has a gallery with high resolution realistic and natural looking food images.

It is one of the stocks of images with the highest number of food photographs. All of the images are free to download. Anyway you can also find very high quality images (6000 x 4000 px) images that need to be paid for one time. To find out the perfect images perform the search by the ‘keyword’ or the category.

foodies food website look


This is a site of totally free and high resolution image galleries without copyrights and categorized by several different themes like mosaic and technology. All of the images are captured and edited by the owner himself, Daniel Nanescu.

splitshire website look


To download Freerangestock images, you need to register at the site. The advantage of stock photos here is that the number of images to download is unlimited, meaning you can download as many images as you like for commercial use.

For those who like agility to find images, it is a well-organized site with a very efficient search system.

freerange stock website look


Unlike Freerange stock image, this is a public domain image repository. Do not expect shutterstock here. Explore thousands of high resolution public domain images and download without registration.

public domain archive web look


The site serves you the free collection of amazing images taken by photographer Ryan McGuire. All photos are provided under CC0.

gratisography website look

Now, it is your time to check out which one can provide you the high-quality images for your business to get the attention of your audience.

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