A Sneak Peek into Facebook 2016 Data for Your Business

Banner: a sneak peek into FB 2016 data

Recently on 27/07, Facebook has presented its balance sheet for the second half of 2016.

Looking into the presented data and some KPIs, it would be easier now to identify where the largest social network in the world is going on and how should you approach for your business marketing on Facebook.

Let’s just consider two keywords - ‘handphone/ mobile’ and ‘videos’ to get a summary of the highlighted parts of this report. Check out the infographic here.

The infographic showing the FB 2016 balance sheet data

What does the data say for your business?

The detailed report from the Wall Street Journal pointed out some fundamental issues regarding Facebook that marketers need to be aware for the later period of the year.

1. Highest usage from handphones

Facebook said that the handphone/ mobile is 84% ​​of the source of ad revenue. This means that the company's focus should be further to the mobile. According to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer "We are working closely with marketers to make this transition (for mobile)".

2. Video is again the king on Facebook

Beyond any doubt, videos are the focus of Facebook as it receives more engagement compared to photos . If you just notice the newsfeed, videos are one responsible for most of the time spent on Facebook. This increases the competency to display more ads and finally, increased Facebook's revenue.

3. Less space for advertising

According to Facebook, the number of ads a user sees is at a good level. This means, they probably should not display more ads. Then how Facebook will increase revenues without showing more ads? Simple: bringing more users to the site. No wonder that initiatives such as the Internet.org and aquila of the flights are in focus now.

FB cash flow 2016
FB balance sheet 2016

Fig: The snapshots of FB balance sheet and cash flow (September 2016)

So what’s now?

It is not the first time that that you hear this is the right time for your business to be on Facebook. Of course, more you take Facebook seriously, more opportunities will lose. In today’s digital world, you got several other media to make your brand visible. So, try to make the appropriate use of Facebook along with others. If you want to start today to prepare for the next semester, the takehome message would be: 'Facebook is Essential!'

Do you have any other ideas regarding Facebook’s business report. Do not hesitate to share with me.

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