Snapchat for Marketers: 6 Potential Strategies that You Should Care

Any idea regarding the number of daily active user on Snapchat? Well, the figure is 150 million, according to Statista as of June 2016 which is more than Twitter. And the users of this app, snapchatters, watch more than 10 billion videos/day. Pretty loud, right? No wonder why - this app enables you to follow your friend’s stories, events and various contents around the world from a wide range of sources. Therefore, it has been considered as one of the most valuable startups in silicon valley.

Once again, what exactly Snapchat is?

Like other social networks, here users can send instant photos and videos to their friends or post them to ‘story’. Then what makes Snapchat different? The contents or messages are self-destructive and remains in a private space unless you want to make that public through settings. It provides the users an informal yet intimate platform which is also very attractive to brands to interact with its customers.

Source: Snapchat official Video

Let’s dig deeper. Within the app, ‘Snap’ - the content has a specific time duration. When anyone posts any content, it is only available for 24 hours to get viewed. Afterwards, it is vanished. The same applies for private messages between users. Perhaps this is the one which drew the huge attention by people, especially, young generation. If I just think my views, when the content are only visible for few moments or hours, people feel comfortable in exposing their daily moments without regret. Those moments could be super relevant like, letting the friends know about engagement or pregnancy, or just simple yet funny stuffs like, cycling with your pet or hanging out with your friends.

Another amazing thing on Snapchat is ‘individual conversation’. Unlike other social media, you cannot create any group of friends to chat together. Rather, you could make individual videos or pictures using filters, in reply of your friend’s message.

Snapchat for business:

Obviously, Snapchat has changed the trend of being formal, for the brands as well. It is the time, businesses drop their casual corporate communications and adapt the highly conversational way to get in touch with their fans.

First of all, it is important to decide on some questions for your business on Snapchat. Is this network relevant to your audience? Are your clients already on this media? Often seen that, companies create profiles on social networks and leave over time. Therefore, it is wise to understand your audience before creating an account.

Video: Snapchat on-demand Geo filter.

1. Get relevant to your audience

As mentioned above, snapchatters watch more than 10 billion videos a day which is actually significant than Facebook as they are accessing the app only from mobile device. Therefore, it is important that your content are catchy and relevant enough. Because, you get only few seconds to make your first impression! The simplest yet creepy way to do that is to find out your customers’ interest at first. Spend some time on researching what they like, what they would love to know about your business and what type of content they want to watch. It will help you to deliver quality content that would generate more engagement with your brand.

Tell the stories about your brand, your happy clients, even the daily work life. Since it is rather personal and entertaining social network, the presentation of your information in a productive way will call a lot of interaction on Snapchat.

2. Make the right use of chat

The ‘chat’ feature in this app needs to be conducted as a powerful interaction opportunity. Try to make the best use of it by talking to your customers and get closer. This approach is critical to retain your customers and spread the brand’s awareness as well. Why? After publishing the content, it is easy here to receive the feedback immediately. Encourage your followers to send the suggestions, compliments even criticisms regarding instant posts for your product. When your followers send you any query, of course they expect to be answered. And it is probably the best way to let your fans know that you also care for them!

3. Promote your Snapchat profile on other social media

Have you ever heard about the social media interdependency? Well, let’s make it simpler. Your brand is already popular on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat is on market for 5 years now. Considering the business strategy, you have discovered - your brand’s presence on this newest app worth it. Now the next step would be, to disclose your Snapchat profile on other social media and let your customer know that your brand is there.

Simply, refer the user name or snapcode in your fan page or official page and ask your follower to catch you on Snapchat who are already using it. Such approach will just extend your horizon in the marketing space.

For example, Mashable discloses the snapcode in the image of the profile picture on Twitter.

Mashable on Twitter promoting their Snapchat profile.

Fig: Mashable on Twitter promoting their Snapchat profile.

4. Arrange promotions and contests

Since, Snapchat is a social network for having fun, the contest and promotion are quite functional here. Use your creativity to create different types of contest for your customers on Snapchat. For instance, you can give a discount for those who make a photo or generative design for your brand, gifting who take screenshots of specific content on the app and bring this image to your store. This will benefit you in two ways: increase the interaction from existing fans and provoke new clients as well who would love to win the gifts.

Fig: Starbucks story let the company to interact with its customers in a strategic way to create engagement.

5. Pay attention to the largest user group

According to the survey by Statista (as of February 2016), 37% of Snapchat users only in the United States were aged between 18 and 24 years which was highest among other age groups. Naturally, young peoples are fun lover and continue to change their ‘favourite social network’ based on their newest comfort zone. Hence, Snapchat is a potential way for brands now to get in touch with the younger audience. So, try to pay a especial attention on this user group while promoting your brand on Snapchat.

Fig: Snapchat user groups based on age in United States.

6. Advertise on Snapchat

Statistics shows that 76% of Snapchat users purchase products online. So, here comes another room to show your creativity, while you are intend to advertise on Snapchat. There are plenty of serious stuffs around us. Therefore, try to find out something different that will make successful conversion to buy the product from the mobile. Talk to your friends and know what do they like to publish on a daily basis. Place some fun and relaxation in your Snap ads and leverage the attention of your fans.

There is one of my favourite quote mentioned by Cocacola, “Each time we partner with Snapchat on a specific campaign, they come with great insights, great creative solutions, and ultimately great measurable results.” Snapchat is providing variety of options, now you need to choose how you can play around with it.

There are 3 different types of ads are available on Snapchat currently. Check them out from the infographic below.

Snapchat for marketers: 3 types of Snapchat ad

Not necessarily, you can choose only one type of ad policy. Let your users have fun by using the combined features of different filters. Make the best use of sponsored geofilters and on demand lenses which has already proved to increase the success rate for others’ campaigns.

Do you have any further idea to leverage the business on Snapchat? Share with me. :)

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