Instagram Business Profile: Leverage Your Brand Engagement

Instagram business profile

The largest image sharing network, Instagram, is one of the best platforms for companies to be on social media. Currently it has reached over 500 million monthly active users who upload around 96 millions of photos per day. A straight reason behind your business presence there is - of course huge audience at one place. Let me explain.

The visual contents like image and videos are very powerful on social networks. Moreover, due to the ease of smartphone, around 300 million user are accessing to this app daily and constantly sharing their snaps. Therefore, people find Instagram quite potential for high engagement and interaction. According to November 1, 2015 research, published by Facebook Business:

  • 60% of Instagrammers say they have discovered goods and services on Instagram;

  • 75% said they had taken action after being inspired by a post on Instagram.

New Instagram feature for company profiles:

A huge number of brands already have their company profile on Instagram to reach out their customers. The app has just launched it’s new business tool last month which resembles quite like business profiles on Facebook. That means, it is also possible on Instagram to communicate with your clients and have access to valuable and unique information (like age, location, sex) about your audience. It is currently available for U.S, Australia and New Zealand but will reach all regions worldwide by the end of the year.

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How do you benefit:

As the part of analytics, business profiles on Instagram have several tools which are not available for personal profiles. The general access information such as - who is your audience when they are online and which posts engage more - already exist on Facebook analytics for a long time. Now the more interesting would be to measure these data to better understand your audience. It now helps to decide what works and what does not work when you post any content on Instagram.

This feature brings a deep understanding of your business and helps in decision making. But anyway, to gain more accurate information, you can do A/B test on different posts and see what works for your customers. Let us assume, you are running a business profile for your new cloth brand. After posting few images with phrases of humor, you noticed it did not raise that much engagement as images with regular phrases do. You can take this test as a lesson and improve your activities on profile for the next posts. It goes same for the color or model selection.

Some other advantages are also available in this feature like a new ‘contact’ button for your customers, a location tag (which allows customers to mark in the image location who visit your business), category for your business (as in Facebook fan page) that allows customers to identify the branch of your company, and also Insights, a tool where you can find out the best times for your content to reach more people.

(Image source Instagram Business)

Earn more followers and boost super engagement:

So far, you got the idea to use this new powerful feature on Instagram. Now the question would be how do you gain followers and boost engagement for your company profile on this platform.

The best way to do this is to dig out new ideas and being creative. Did you notice that when you do not know anything but want to know - you run behind the answers to find that. This is could be an amazing tip for your customers also.

Check out the infograph here for the cool tips to enable your customer curiosity.

How to boost super engagement on Instagram

Do you use Instagram business for your brand marketing? What is your technique to boost engagement to your business profile?

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