App Review: Edit Photos Online with Fotojet

As always, I am the follower of the motto, ’the simpler, the better’. It especially applies to my workspace. If I just consider myself a few years back, it has been always a dilemma for me - how can I tweak a photo at my wish in a simple way. After taking a great snapshot, some sort of cropping and editing still would be required. Of course, forget the Instagram filters for a while. Here those edited photos are only for Instagram and image quality is highly reduced after editing, consequently, they are not reusable. Now, the demand is more severe as every day turns out to be a challenge with the urge of a variety of banners and posters for different social media.

There is no doubt about the power of Adobe Photoshop which has proved itself as fully professional photo editing software for advanced tasks. The reason why I mentioned ‘fully professional’ - it will require you go through a formal training earlier and a good amount of money at the end of the month.

In case, you are not willing for a monthly paid subscription, then the question arises - how simple and effective that free tool would be to serve your expectations. But, to be noted, do not expect the high performance and finesse like Adobe Photoshop!

Recently, I have come to know about a completely free online tool for photo editing, namely FotoJet, which provides some really interesting and quick templates for the people like me - editing images and texts for different social media blog posts frequently.

Fotojet banner

I found it quite user-friendly as the ‘Getting started’ tutorial takes all way to show how to collage, edit and design the images or texts from existing templates or from your own resources.

Interestingly, before signing up, you can enter to the tool online although the sign up is also free. On the main page, you will find three tabs, namely, collage, design and edit.

Main Features:

Collage making

With more than 600 collage templates for various purpose, this option lets you combine multiple photos into one image. Do not worry about the graphic quality, they are pretty good and optimized for different social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. If you prefer to make collage in a more customized way that is also possible through setting different border width, collage ratio, corner rounding and multiple ranges of grids.

Graphic design

It does not require trained experience to give an artistic touch to your photos while using this tool. Moreover, the making of banner and cover images for daily posts for different social media would be less time consuming with some simple moves.

Fotojet Magazine

Photo editing

This feature brings a handful amount of options to edit your photos. Along with the basic features like crop, rotate and resize, Fotojet provides a number of photo effects (vintage, lomo and so on) to edit the photos eligible for the specific purpose.

Pros, cons and verdict:

As mentioned, the user friendliness is the main advantage of this tool. Anyone with less technical know-how can easily use it when the professional tools like Adobe Illustrator, Pixelmator (for Mac only) requires good image editing knowledge. You will get more than 700 templates for design and different format (JPG and PNG) to download them after editing at you wish. I personally felt that it is also possible to edit images in a creative way as well while you just have some basic on photoshop.

Fotojet Image editing

As cons, I would mention - you cannot use it offline. At the same time, during sudden loss of internet connection, the edited image would not be saved before downloading it.

All in all, I would rather go for suggesting the tool as it does not require any prerequisite, you can just start blank. Without downloading and installing anything, it never can be better than this. Few simple steps will let you create your expected images or texts in a simple way.

Photojet collage

All of the above photos were edited using Fotojet. Have you used this tool yet? Share your experience with me.

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