Who Would be Your Tech Role Model on Social Media?

Who would be your pioneer

Regardless whatever you do, at the end of the day, there are two types of narrations for all of your tasks. Either you make it out of your passion or to maintain your livelihood. Naturally, amazing ideas come up with your passion. But from where do you get the motivation to implement that idea in real life? Whom do you consider as the paragon or role model?By following the social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on the regular basis, probably you keep yourself updated from different perspectives. Therefore, one of the remarkable conveniences of social media is you can identify the current trends and thoughts after having look on thousands of posts and the interactions regarding the updates. Through that, you are also in the right way to sort out who are the role models trending in your field of interest.

follow your pioneer

Just consider the startups for instance. They find social media very potential to achieve brand awareness and customer acquisition. Due to their huge integrity with these channels, mass users come to know about outstanding new ideas and concepts of startups. No surprise when a graduate student from technology area spends countless hours on TechCrunch startups page and dreams of his own ideas to turn into a new company once in his life. This is probably the process how commercial entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) becomes the paragon or role model to us.

Let us assume, you have got a brand new idea and you are confident enough this idea worth it minimum $10 million. There are actually two possibilities. Either you may launch a new startup company by obtaining the patent and introduce yourself as an entrepreneur or you could leave the invention for human welfare without patenting it. Whom do you consider as the paragon? Well, if you take into account the current trend of social media, of course, the first type of people would be counted as the role model who is enjoying their patent for commercial interests. The reason behind that is the (so called) inventors holding tons(!) of patents in their laps have been always praised by the communities and society. Nowadays it seems like the invention is not as important as the patent is! I wonder how many of you have heard about Dennis Ritchie, the creator of C programming language, who did not patent his idea to serve the purpose of practising open knowledge.

There is no way to ignore the bright side of the entrepreneurship. Beyond any doubt, big inventions require huge endeavours and each of the scientific work deserves appropriate recognition. But when the principal is to make a lot of money out of such knowledge then probably we are considering the usual standard to define our paragon. Not necessarily all of our role models need to be entrepreneurs who cherish their knowledge on commercial purpose. There are also many brilliant conceptors behind the screen spreading their ideas to serve the communities dedicatedly.

The essence would be, there is no harm to pursue the entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, SpaceX and many more) as your role models. Along with them, do consider the devoted scientist like Jonas Salk who refused to patent one of the most important inventions in this world - the polio vaccine - and mentioned, "Could You Patent the Sun?"

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