3 Most Important Tactics for Successful Social Media Campaign

Most important tactics for social media campaign

With the introduction of Social Media, the entire marketing landscape has been changed in today’s world. The marketers have found a new genre that they did not think of before. Now it is at our fingertips to share each and every information throughout the world in a second. Just leave the personal use apart for a while. Regarding business perspective, if you are not using social channels then probably you are lagging behind than your competitors. No surprise, now this is only social media campaign what people understand by the means of ‘Digital Marketing’.

That marks, it is very crucial to think of the right strategy on social media for the success of your business campaign. For instance, the strategy for content and delivery, demographic user target etc. Of course, you can follow them with little or no budget but in that case, it is going to take a considerable commitment of your time.

Here you will find three vital points or tactics that should be considered during your business campaign on social media.

Campaign Tactic #01: Understanding

From my point of view, the most important thing for a social media campaign is 'understanding'. This points also includes realizing the purpose of the campaign - which of the social network are needed to execute the campaign. Indeed, it is necessary that you know which contents are of worth to your target audience so that you can provide constant value to them. You can work with entertaining concepts as well depending on your business resources to keep and grow your follower base. In addition, having a good catch on campaign tools, analytics and reporting will enable you to gauge the performance and play accordingly.

Understand the Tactics

Campaign Tactic #02: Defining Goals

Another significant point is there should be clearly defined goals. Take some quality time and think quite - what outcome do you expect from here. Let us put it in a simpler way. For example, you want more foot traffic to an event, that means all paid and organic activity will be focused on getting people to the event either through the website (where they purchase a ticket) or to the event in person.

When you conduct a social media campaign for your business you want specific outcomes for each of the tasks. A paid ad on Facebook using video could be an excellent medium for not only increasing the engagement on your business page but also to target a specific audience market. There are multiple options you can try out, such as the combination of paid ads with video, status updates with images/videos to increase engagement with fans, specific questions within groups, messaging to individuals, sharing articles on LinkedIn, live streaming using Periscope on Twitter etc. In most cases, these activities include definite calls to action to click a link to the website to either purchase the product or join the list.

Define Goal
Campaign Tactic #03: Tracking

The last but not least one, tracking the visitors on social media. Track your post and visitors to gather information like when, where, and how your audiences enter your sales funnel. The data will shed light on their daily social media presence and help you to leverage customers research and buying process. For example, your business campaign on social channels is driving 10k visitors monthly. Suddenly you noticed half of them are falling into "direct traffic" and the reason was - you did not set up the tracking codes correctly! It could be a huge loss. There are thousands of challenges that can be solved through proper tracking of visitors. Just assure some time on analysing and implementing it.

To create and execute Social Media campaign is a complex process. It varies upon different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin. Parallel to the above mentioned ones, an essential thing for a company on Social Media is that you remain authentic. Anything you display on the social network, make sure it is in line with your company values and marketing presence (both online and offline). In order to learn from your own campaign what work best and what do not try to check the effects during and after the campaign.

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